Latest Updates on the STRETCH Project

Send Questions to 17 Legacy Journal Publications That Form the Foundation For The STRETCH Project Kochi University Loggerhead Tracking Project 11/27/2023 It has been 7 days since out last update on the locations of our 23 satellite tagged loggerheads.  As of this morning, all 23 are continuing to move in a southerly direction (some southeast, some southwest) staying ahead of the cooling waters. The 23 loggerheads (blue dots) still transmitting are arrayed along the 15 degree C isotherm from 37 to 40 degrees latitude and from 126 to 159 degrees longitude. 11/20/2023 All 23 of our tagged loggerheads continue to transmit accurate locations.  I have created a map below that shows their tracks overlayed with the current sea surface temperature. 11/15/2023 Stretch team member Alberto Abreu   presented an updated overview of the STRETCH project to a welcoming 25th meeting of the Grupo Tortuguero de las Californias at the Gran Acuario Mazatl├ín on 15th November. The

N-S movement of juvenile loggerheads relative to the 17 degree C isotherm.

9/4/23 Loggerhead turtle animation video by Don Kobayashi. 4/4/2023 Dr. Dana Briscoe has written a program that will keep track of SST (sea surface temperatures) at four longitudes ( 160W, 150W, 145W, and 140W) along the proposed path of the deployment ship.  You can visit the page created by Dana at    https://danabriscoe. automation .  This will be updated on a weekly basis.   Below is a look at the map created by Dana and an indication of the latitude of the 4 data points graphed on the page.

Mock Tag Attachment

 Wednesday, 3/23/2023 Back in November we (Geoge Balazs, Marc Rice and Larry Crowder along with Masanori Mori and Tomomi Saito) attached a mock Wildlife Computers satellite tag to  one turtle in the first cohort of loggerheads being raised at the PNPA.  Below are some images of the tag taken by Masanaori Mori over the last few months to keep track of the status of the tag attachment.  These images were taken from various view angles on January 14, 2023,  February 5, 2023 and March 22, 2023. All aspects of the attachment seem to be holding up well since it was first attached on November 18, 2022. From the left side. From the right side. From the anterior. From the posterior. Looking down on the dorsal surface. The cohort has been growing nicely at an average rate of approximately 1 cm / month.