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Latest Updates on the STRETCH Project

Send Questions to Current Map of 23 Loggerheads Trejectories 17 Legacy Journal Publications That Form the Foundation For The STRETCH Project Kochi University Loggerhead Tracking Project Wildlife computers of loggerheads tracks over the last 10 days. 4/2/2024 Co-Pi Balazs traveling to Nagoya to check on cohort #2! George Balazs ready to board the shinkansen from Osaka to Nagoya. Co-PI George Balazs  will travel to Nagoya Japan on 4/11/2024 to check in with the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium about our second and third cohorts of loggerhead turtles.  He will work with the head turtle curator ( Masanori Mori ) who is raising our juvenile loggerheads to inspect each member of the two cohorts to ensure they are healthy and, in the case of cohort 2, that they will be ready to have satellite tags attached in late June / early July, 2024.  He will also work on a materials list and logistics for the next tag attachment and subsequent release with PNPA Director Masano