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Latest Updates on the STRETCH Project

Send Questions to 17 Legacy Journal Publications That Form the Foundation For The STRETCH Project Kochi University Loggerhead Tracking Project 11/27/2023 It has been 7 days since out last update on the locations of our 23 satellite tagged loggerheads.  As of this morning, all 23 are continuing to move in a southerly direction (some southeast, some southwest) staying ahead of the cooling waters. The 23 loggerheads (blue dots) still transmitting are arrayed along the 15 degree C isotherm from 37 to 40 degrees latitude and from 126 to 159 degrees longitude. 11/20/2023 All 23 of our tagged loggerheads continue to transmit accurate locations.  I have created a map below that shows their tracks overlayed with the current sea surface temperature. 11/15/2023 Stretch team member Alberto Abreu   presented an updated overview of the STRETCH project to a welcoming 25th meeting of the Grupo Tortuguero de las Californias at the Gran Acuario Mazatl├ín on 15th November. The