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Latest Updates on the STRETCH Project

Send Questions to Current Map of 23 Loggerheads Trejectories 17 Legacy Journal Publications That Form the Foundation For The STRETCH Project Kochi University Loggerhead Tracking Project Wildlife computers of loggerheads tracks over the last 10 days. 2/19/2024 Twenty of our 25 juvenile loggerheads continure to transmit locations and they are scattered over an large area of the central north Pacific Occean (~4900 km separates Chumash and Tsubaki).  It appears that there are two strategies being employed by our 2023 cohort of turtles.  Thirteen of them have remained at the same longitude or have moved west of their release point.  Four of them have moved east of their release point but remain well out in deep water 300 to over 1000 km from Baja California.  That means that 17 of the 22 remain in the pelatic environment (77%).  Three turtles are very near the shore (Nadesiko is approximately 40 km west of Encinitas, California,  Victor is about 40 km south west