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We have begun our second trip to Nagoya to attach 25 Spot 6 satellite tags and 3 Splash10 tags to the juvenile loggerhead turtles that were hatched in Koichi, Japan and raised at PNPA.  We will be starting the work on Monday, 6/17/24 at the aquarium.  We are planning on attching 7 tags per day for 4 days.  The turtles will then be kept in individual baskets in sea water to protect the sat tag antennas.  
The MOL ship we are using to transport the turtles to the central north east Pacific is named the "Firmament Ace". You can follow the progress of the ship HERE .  The ship will arrive in Nagoya Ko on 6/26 and the turtles will be loaded on the ship on 6/27.  Subsequently the ship will go to Yokohama to complete cargo loading and then will depart for Panama.  It is estimated that the ship will reach the release area on July 9th.  
Because the turtles will not be release for several weeks after the tags are attached, we program the tags to be in standby mode of nearly three weeks before they begin transmitting locations (they use very little energy when in standby mode.  
In addition, we are reducing the number of days the tags transmit locations to every other day in an effort to extend the battery life of the tags.  IN THEORY, by reducing the frequency of transmission by 2, we should increase the number of days that the tag can transmit by 2...  That is what we are hoping for!

Example of a Wildlife computers Spot 6 tag.

 We will also put out 3 Splash10 387 tags 

Splash10 297s tag that we will place on three of the turtles.  These tags will give us temperature, depth data for each of the turtles which will help us to better understand the daily behavior of these individuals.

The stretch team is about to reassemble in Nagoya Japan at the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium where Masanori Mori has been raising our second corhort of juvenile loggerhead turtles for release in the northeast central  Pacific Ocean.  

This year's satellite tag attachment team is composed of:

Larry Crowder -STRETCH PI
George Balazs - STRETCH PI
Dana Briscoe - STRETCH PI
Laura Jim - STRETCH team member
Marc Rice - STRETCH team member
Catherine Lee Hing - Shipboard assistant for deployment of turtles
Jack, Sabine, Charlotte - HPA Student Volunteers

Masanori Mori (PNPA turtle curator) has been raising 30 juvenile loggerheads for the past 2 years and they are now of a size where they can easily carry a satellite tag.  We will travel to PNPA on June 16 to carry out the attachment of the tags and prepare the turtles for their release in the northeast central Pacific ocean in early July.  For information on the outcomes of the first cohort release please visit our website  and/or our blog.

We have been informed that Cohort II will be transported onboard the MOL ship "Firmament Ace."  She is the same size and configuration as last years ship, "Galaxy Ace."

MOL's ship Firmament Ace.

Stay tuned for further information about the attachment process and the release of the loggerheads in early July.


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